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Urban Grub, Our Go To Nashville Restaurant


Urban Grub, Our Go To Nashville Restaurant

Having come from the NorthEast and specifically Maine I was spoiled with amazing restaurants. Maine restaurants seem to be a step above the rest of the United States for seafood especially, but also the foodie scene in general. If you ever go to Maine email me and I will give you a list of places you must hit for food and drinks.

If you have travelled to Nashville or live here you have most likely heard of 12th South. This road is filled with great coffee shops, my favorite is The Frothy Monkey. There is boutique clothing shops, like Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James. But the restaurants on 12th South are all unique and all have their own thing that makes them special. Bartaco is a chain but doesn’t feel like it. Delicious Marg’s and Tacos. I don’t drink Margaritas but Jessica my wife and my buddy Chad tell me they are phenomenal. I’m more of a Modelo guy myself. Josephine a block or two down from Bartaco in my opinion has the Best CheeseBurger in Nashville. They only serve it on Sundays at Brunch, it’s a simple a burger not too many toppings but the flavor is second to none and it’s one of the best Brunches in Nashville in general. That Burger I will save for another Blog. Now on to our favorite, never fail, always delicious and always a seat waiting for us go to in Nashville. Urban Grub.

Urban Grub has never failed us. Whether it’s a busy Friday night or a rainy Sunday Brunch there has always been a welcoming spot for us to sit and enjoy some of the best food and drinks that top notch Nashville Chef’s have to offer.

Let’s start with Brunch. I’m a Mimosa guy. Say what you will they are delicious and my go to for a Sunday Funday Brunch. For the price of about 2 and 1/4 Mimosas you can get a carafe of “Manmosas” that has probably 4-5 Mimosas worth in it or just enough to not be able to drive home. “Jess your driving” is usually heard after I finish up. Also they have different flavors which is a good change up. But the food… The food…. It’s amazing. They start you off with little muffins with jams that let you know where your meal is headed. In the words of my man Guy Fieri “Flavortown”. They add their own touches on Strada’s and Bennie’s, and multiple options of both. Hot chicken and waffles, French Toast Brûlée, Smoked Gouda Grits , and of course one of the best Huevos Rancheros in Nashville. But you need to try the Monkey Bread. It’s out of this world. Check out this Brunch Menu.

Dinner is a whole different topic at Urban Grub. Being from Maine I am used to really great Raw Oysters. My buddy Josh over at Blyth and Burrows in Portland Maine has the

freshest and best prepped oysters Ive ever had. But the Urban Grub Raw game is a step up for Nashville. They have West Coast and East Coast oysters. They also pair up meats and cheese’s with their fresh fish for a Charcuterie experience you just need to partake in. You haven’t really done Charcuterie until you’ve Charcutered at Urban Grub. Not sure if Charcutered is a word but I’m going with it. The chops, dry aged meat, and seafood is all exquisitely prepped to for top flavor and presentation. Add one of the sides and you have one of the best meals you can get in Nashville.

Jess is a vegetarian and can always find multiple options to fit her needs.

Desserts? I don’t know, Ive never made it that far with how good the food is I always leave more than satisfied for a very reasonable amount of money for the experience.

To finish up. Drinks and atmosphere are great and the waitstaff almost feels like family by the end of your meal. They know when you want to talk and leave you alone when you don’t. You’ll almost always see a friend sitting at the bar or a table close by enjoying some of the best food and atmosphere Nashville has to offer. If you haven’t been give them a try you will not be disappointed.