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Top 5 Tips for Selling Nashville Homes


Top 5 Tips for Selling Nashville Homes

Nashville homes are gorgeous and the area breathtaking. When it’s time to sell, whether you’re moving across town across the country, there’s a lot to consider.

Getting your home ready, setting the right price, and choosing the right buyer are all major challenges.

With these tips, you’ll find selling your home in Nashville is a lot easier than you think.

Time it Right

Know the market. Do buyers look for homes in the spring, the ‘typical hot real estate market’ or is there a hot market right now? If you can hold off, you’ll get top dollar in the spring market.

If you can’t, working with a real estate agent in Nashville is crucial. When there’s a smaller buyer’s market, you have to make your home stand out. It should give buyers pause, and give them a reason to feel that they need this house now, even if they weren’t thinking of moving yet. Call me and we can start talking about this and set up a timeline.

Price it Right

Pricing Nashville homes is a slippery slope. You want top dollar, and buyers want to pay as little as possible. You have to meet somewhere in the middle.

Choosing the starting price is important. Price it so buyers are intrigued, but not because it seems too good to be true. Know the prices of comparable sales in the Nashville area. What did homes on your street or in your neighborhood sell for recently?

I can help you with these answers, and show you in detail why your homes market value is what it is and not just put a price on it.. Online listing sources are good sources to start, but when you’re officially ready, stick to the professionals.

Depersonalize your Home

What you love in your home isn’t what potential buyers will love. Take down the family pictures, kids’ artwork, and any other personal items. Let buyers picture themselves and their belongings in your home.

Know how to Stage your Home

Even though you probably love your home’s setup, it may not highlight its best-selling points. A professional real estate agent or stager can show you how to stage it. This may include moving furniture, removing items, and making the home seem more open. This is another attempt at helping buyers picture themselves in your home.

Use a Professional to Sell Nashville Homes

Working with a professional real estate agent that sells Nashville homes is important. You want someone who knows the area, knows what buyers want, and has a proven track record of successful sales.

A real estate agent has more marketing capabilities, knows how to price your home, and can help stage, photograph, and list your home. These tasks highlight your home’s best features, help you get top dollar, and helps you sell it fast.

Nashville homes are a hot commodity today. If you’re ready to sell your home in Nashville, let me help you get started. Together, we’ll create a powerhouse team that sells your home fast and for the price you want without the stress, most people experience when selling their home. Contact me today to learn how I can help you.